Omnichannel Marketing in the Wine Industry 

Last week, we discussed the importance of B2B sales to the supply chain. This week, we will discuss the improtance of omnichannel marketing in the wine industry.  

Omnichannel marketing is the only version that matters in the wine world. We have to position ourselves wherever our customers are, and depending on the brand we are presenting, that could be anywhere.  

If we are selling a high-end wine, in the range of $500 or more per bottle, our target market is not finding us on Instagram. We need to contact them directly or find them on platforms like LinkedIn or Zoom Info.  

To that same end, a summer rose being targeted towards a younger generation would certainly prefer to see us scrolling through their IG feed.  

We position ourselves in corporate sales by leveraging existing wine club members. We create physical collateral to insert into wine shipments with QR codes that lead to our landing page. As we represent the Aspira line of fine wines for Constellation Brands, our wine club members are generally corporate executives, small business owners, and other consumers who have the potential to turn into corporate clients (specifically for corporate gifting).  

With the newest brand to join the Aspira line, we are launching a special campaign for My Favorite Neighbor. This semi-exclusive brand is being marketed towards realtors and commercial real estate agents as a closing gift for their clients. In this case, we attend real estate related tradeshows where we can physically stand in front of our target market and show them the product (featuring a special bundle that includes a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” tote and wine key).  

Constellation Brands holistically represents so many different market segments that it would be impossible, and honestly terrible, to enter a single channel for each of their products. Instead, there are hundreds of people involved at every level from the winery itself to corporate and beyond that influence the marketing efforts of this beverage giant.   

What efforts are you or your company making to ensure you are finding your customers where they are? 

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