Storytelling with Instagram.

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool.  

According to a 2022 DataReportal Report, Instagram has over 1.4 billion users. That’s billion with a “B”. 

It’s no wonder most companies have dedicated business pages and use them to raise brand awareness and sell products. 

The best business Instagram pages tell a story, but they keep it short and sweet. Our attention spans are shrinking thanks to social media (it’s now shorter than a goldfish – yikes!) 

You have about two seconds to catch the scroller’s eyes with your photo or reel, and hope it’s enough to bring them in. Let’s talk about how. 

Behind the scenes 

Show off what a day-in-the-life (DITL) looks like at your business. People love to feel involved in the production process. Let them meet the production crew. Make a funny reel pranking the boss. Kyte Baby, a bamboo children’s clothing brand, does a phenomenal job of involving owner Ying and her staff, showing off packing orders, photoshoots, and more.  



Engagement is the number one purpose behind social media. Hashtags make the world go ‘round, and your customers will use them. They will share photos of your products – wearing it, using it, gifting it. This is your chance to make them feel valued. Repost those photos.  

You can reshare pictures in stories en masse. This is a wonderful way to make many of your customers feel valued without clogging up your feed. If you have one particular photo that a customer has used that really makes your product shine, reach out and ask them to use it in your marketing. This is free advertising and a great way to show your product from the user’s perspective.  

This is particularly effective when you have low advertising and marketing budgets and is commonly used by travel and hotel brands.  



Infographics are a great way to present information in an eye-catching and eye-pleasing way.  

When you have a limited amount of time to tell a story, making the information approachable is key.  

Infographics are easily digestible and attractive. They give bites of information in visible representation.  

@SanctuaryWrld uses beautiful infographics to demonstrate the different characteristics of each astronomical sign. Their page is full of them, and they are fun, colorful, and attention-grabbing.  

There’s more 

Lot’s more. The idea that you are telling your brand’s story should be unique to your brand.  

Start by reviewing social media pages of companies you admire. See what strategies they use that seem successful and mimic them.  

Decide what perception you want your customers to have of your business based on your social media posts. Do you want to be all business? Inclusive of the journey? Corporate? Engaging? 

Once you have identified your goals and decided what you want your brand to look like, go for it. Play with it. See what works and what doesn’t, and revisit what does.  

Tell your story.  

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