Creating customer loyalty.

Customer loyalty is about connecting a brand to the people who buy from them. How is this achieved? There are several ways including emotional connections like nostalgia or philanthropy, creating loyalty programs that the customer benefits from, and showing the customer appreciation. 

Emotional Connection 

Maybe it is Betty Crocker tugging at Millennial heartstrings by bringing 90’s snacks back to life with the return of the Dunkaroo. Maybe it is Coca Cola bringing those holiday polar bears back year after year (for almost 100 years, in fact!). Maybe it is a compilation of homeless, sick animals with Sarah McLachlan playing in the background.  

Whatever it is, it works for marketing.  

Connecting to people’s emotions is what gets them to make a purchase, but it doesn’t necessarily create loyalty on its own. It is simply one part of a complicated algorithm, but an important part, nonetheless. By creating an emotional connection to a product, a customer is more likely to purchase that product again, and particularly so when the purchase meets their expectations.  

Loyalty Programs 

When you make a purchase, it feels good to earn something for it. Credit cards offer a million different perks to earn your business in the way of points, discounts, special access to concerts, status with airlines and more. If you were going to make a purchase, why not benefit from it? 

Even baby clothing companies use loyalty programs to earn repeat business. Organizations like bamboo empires Kate Quinn and Kyte have benefits programs that give you store credit for achieving certain purchases milestones, engaging with socials, and sharing with friends. 

Loyalty programs encourage buyers to purchase from them more often than seeking out competitors. In fact, “the majority of consumers, 66%, will change their buying behavior to get the most out of loyalty benefits”. Increase sales and actual loyalty through loyalty programs. 

Customer Appreciation 

Call me old fashioned, but I love handwritten thank-you cards. There is something about knowing somebody who took the time and energy to express to you their gratitude. Customers feel the same about the companies they purchase from. This can manifest as a discount code after a purchase for a future one or a gift for being a long-time customer. Regardless of how you show it, you need to show customers how they matter to you.  

What ways do you build customer loyalty with your brand? 

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